What are Barefoot shoes?

Barefoot is a unique type of footwear designed according to your foot shape that enables natural foot movement.

The wide front part of the shoe allows the toes to wiggle freely for that amazing barefoot feeling. All barefoot sneakers have zero drop, i.e. there is no difference in height between the heel and the toe. This helps to engage a wide range of muscles than with conventional shoes and thus strengthen your feet.

The ultra-flexible 4mm sole (excluding lugs) provides an excellent ground feel, ensuring better foot nerve ending stimulation. For maximum all-day comfort, barefoot sneakers are made of lightweight materials to prevent foot fatigue. Wearing barefoot sneakers results in healthy and strong feet, better posture, improved balance, neurostimulation through the nerve endings on the feet and even enhanced mood and reduced stress.


Customer reviews

Verified customer
Angela M.

They arrived today and I am in love! They are lovely and wide in the toe and they are so beautifully made and comfortable. It was a lot for me to spend, and I come from the UK so was relying on the online guide for ordering correctly. I take a 39 and vivobarefoot and, lengthewise, these are the same. But they are wider and much better quality. Can't wait to order more!

Verified customer
Sandra M.

These shoes fit perfectly around my feet. I have been using them for long walks, with casual wear and also in the gym and I am absolutely loving them. And full marks for delivering shoes to Australia in just 3 days!

Verified customer
Hester Rathbone

I just love these shows! I ordered 2 pairs for my kiddos, and they took off running and jumping immediately. The toe box is beautifully wide, they’re incredibly flexible, and I can tell that they’re sturdy.

Verified customer
Petra S.

The great design of the Barebarics Revive convinced me to switch to barefoot shoes. It provides plenty of space for the foot while maintaining a good feeling while walking. Keep it up!

I have three pairs of Barebarics sneakers. These are the best of them. They are easy to put on, the nylon is quick and easy to clean and the rubber band wraps the foot comfortably. They are pleasantly warm. I see them as more seasonal sneakers, so I will wear them in autumn and then early spring. I definitely recommend them.

I've had many types of barefoot shoes, but Revive is the most comfortable of them all, and the design is downright different from standard barefoot shoes.